‘GlamStar’ is our exclusive Hindi title, catering to the Indian salon industry and is backed by C&E Media’s 12+ years of experience and knowledge in the salon field. GlamStar aims to be THE language magazine of choice for the salon fraternity, providing knowledge and creative inspiration in a language the professionals are comfortable with. The magazine content will be rich in local relevance but will contain a global flavour; making it an indispensible tool for all professionals in the country. With a circulation of 25000 + 250000 to be added

Launching in October 2014, GlamStar will be a hands-on guide equipping stylists with the technical know-how to push their skills and knowledge levels to global standards. GlamStar editorial will focus on the Indian audience and its unique needs. It will have a dedicated Bridal section every month, featuring hair, make-up and trends; the magazine will also focus on providing Step-by-Step tutorials for hair & make-up; apart from that GlamStar will also contain information on gadget and product innovations.


It will be a distinctly different offering focussing more on being a guidebook of the current trends and styles in India in place, with special sections on education.. It will provide tutorials, business and creative tips, in addition to creative inspiration- all in one of India’s most spoken languages. GlamStar will allow Hindi-speaking professionals to drastically improve their know-how of the industry, while bringing their latent skills up to globally acceptable standards.


C&E Media was formed in 2002 as a part of Conferences & Exhibitions. C&E Media has three titles under its umbrella – StyleSpeak, Spa Mantra and GlamStar.

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