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C&E with over 25 years of experience in organizing trade conferences and industry exhibitions, was the pioneer behind India’s first professional trade show for the beauty industry, Image India. First held in the year 1997, Image India and became the defining event of the beauty calendar of the Indian industry. . The only platform in India where one could receive valuable real-time data on the salon and beauty industry in India and network with professionals and brands from the industry.

As part of the exhibition, Image India also hosted its ‘live’ stage Image Studio, where top industry names like Cory Walia, Adhuna Babhani, Paul Willi and Michelle Ziff held hairdressing and make-up workshops for the salon audience. The event also saw the advent of the Sunsilk Salon Awards and Competitions from its second year as the exhibition firmly established itself as an industry necessity. In 1999, just two years after its inception, the event partnered with the prestigious Times of India group and was thereafter known as ‘Times Images’. Even though the event was discontinued after its last show in 2004, it continues to be recognized and respected as the pioneer in beauty events in India and serves as a benchmark for future industry events.


C&E Media was formed in 2002 as a part of Conferences & Exhibitions. C&E Media has three titles under its umbrella – StyleSpeak, Spa Mantra and GlamStar.

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